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  • Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】

Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】

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According to COVID-19 pandemic,
EMS is suspended in several countries including Australia.
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Here is Q-pot. original chocolate leg wear. Let’s start your autumn fashion with sweet leg wear.
Elegant and also very sweet ivory colored “Q” pattern tights is [MADE IN JAPAN]by craftsman carefully. Gold lame yarn is used for toe and heel, it makes fashionable and also strong. Please enjoy sweet autumn fashion with this special leg wear collection.
This Q-pot. dress collection is for all CHOCOLATE LOVER. Taking a step to the nostalgic world.

*Items other than Q-pot. Dress collections are not for sale.
*Gift wrapping is not available.
*Handle with care as the item is fragile to articulate the design.
*Watch out for the fabric getting caught by excessive force, friction and nails while putting on or taking off the garment.
*Using may cause lame threads to get loose.
*Wash separately.

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