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Frequently Asked Questions

Precaution for use

Thank you very much for purchasing Q-pot. products. The products contain various materials used in order to reach each unique designs. Please read instructions carefully before using the products.

Precaution for use 
- Only use for intended purpose.
- Do not use the products during exercise, sleep, handling babies/children, using alcohol, hand soap, or cosmetics.
- Do not use the products in places where temperature and/or humidity are extremely high/low.
- If you feel any abnormality on your skin, stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist.
- Avoid strong impact. Due to the nature of the material, the surface may scratch even with normal use.
- Discoloration of dyed materials (resin, leather, etc.) and metals may happen due to friction, water, and sweat. Please pay extra attention so that colors used in the products do not rub off on other items.
- Color stains on PVC products caused by ink and dyed products(e.g. denim) cannot be removed.
- Glue and plating may deteriorate and cause damage if the materials are in contact with water, oils, direct sunlight, high temperature, dryness or friction over time.
- Not edible. Please keep the products out of reach of infants and children to avoid contact with mouth.
- There may be slight differences from product to product due to the production process.

Jewelry Care & Warning 
- Keep the products clean and dry after use. Wipe the products with a soft cloth and keep them in the attached cloth or plastic bag package. Do not use polish to avoid damaging metal, resin, and plating products.
- Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

Material Care


■Precious metal products (Platinum, Gold, Silver)
- Gently wipe away sweat and dust from the surface with a polishing cloth for precious metals after use. Please note that some may be damaged if rubbed strongly. Also, while using a dedicated polishing cloth, please read the precautions attached to it in advance.
- Silver products made with silver 925 and silver 950 with high purity. Due to the nature of the material, if it is stored for a long period of time, the surface may sulfurize and discolor when it comes into contact with substances in the air.
※When using liquid silver cleaner, there is a risk of discoloration, so please do not use it on products with pearls, natural stones, etc. or plated products. If the discoloration cannot be removed even with the above methods, we accept refinishing such as cleaning and repolishing for a fee.
※Do not use abrasives as they may damage the base metal.
※Due to the nature of the material, the plated part of the product may peel off due to friction, so please refrain from using a polishing cloth.
※White gold product is finished with rhodium plating. If the color and luster deteriorate, we recommend refinishing the plating.
- Due to the nature of the material, it may discolor or fade over time. Also, please do not store it for a long time with sweat, perfume, oil, etc. attached, or wear it in hot springs or the sea, as it may accelerate discoloration.
- It reacts to moisture, oil, ultraviolet rays, heat, dryness, friction and frequency of use, etc., and may cause the texture to be damaged and the adhesion or plating to peel off.
- The adhesion may peel off due to moisture such as disinfectant, hand washing, etc., and oil such as sunscreen and hair oil while wearing.
- Due to the nature of the material, minor scratches may occur on the surface even with normal use. Excessive polishing, strong impact, snagging on the clasp, or excessive pulling may cause cracks, damage or deformation such as scratches or abrasions, or peeling of adhesion or plating. Be careful not to drop or hit.
- Do not use abrasives as they may hurt materials such as metals and resins, as well as processing such as plating and painting.

■Resin products (Epoxy, Polyester, Acrylic, etc.)
- Due to the nature of resin, it has excellent heat resistance and water resistance, but may crack or break if excessive impact is applied.
- Beware of fall or collide.
- There may be individual differences in finish of products that are hand-painted with resin.
- There may be cases where symptoms such as rubbing and scratches can be seen in areas that are polished due to manufacturing reasons. There is no quality problem, so please enjoy the texture of the product.
<About the repair>
Please note that we cannot accept repairs including re-adhesion or resizing of rings when the resin is damaged.

■Wood products
- Due to the nature of wood, it expands and contracts due to dryness and humidity.
- Do not place the product near a fan heater or where it is directly exposed to air from an air conditioner.
- Dryness may cause cracks
- Due to the use of natural wood, the color may vary. Each piece has a slightly different grain and will discolor over time.
<About the repair>
Please note that we cannot accept repairs including re-adhesion or replating when the wood is damaged.

■Genuine pearls and Freshwater pearls products
- Due to the nature of the material, pearls (natural materials) are very delicate and easily damaged.
- The luster of the pearls may lose due to the adhesion of cosmetics and chemicals.
- It may accelerate discoloration if stored with sweat, perfume, oil, etc. attached.
- After use, be sure to carefully wipe off any dirt with a soft cloth and store it so that it.
- Do not place desiccant near pearls.
- Pearls are easily scratched gemstones, so be careful not to drop or hit them.
- Do not use it under strong sunlight (ultraviolet rays), or wear it at hot springs, at the sea, or during sports, as it may cause discoloration or damage.

■PVC products (Polyvinyl chloride)
- Due to the nature of the material, it may cause discoloration or deformation, so please be careful of contact with direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, water, and other resins (plastics).
- Excessive impact or excessive pulling may cause damage to the product.
- If dust adheres, gently wipe it off with a cotton swab, dry cloth, or a new brush to remove it.
- Color stains caused by ink and dyed products(e.g. denim) cannot be removed.
※There may be slight differences from product to product due to the handmade production process.
<About the ring size>
The ring size of <Q-pot.Parlor> products is adjustable from US5~US9.5(JP#9~JP#19). The plating on the surface may be overloaded and peel off when adjusting the size. There is a possibility parts other than the ring get damaged if a burden is applied to it. Please understand the risk before adjusting by yourself. Also, we recommend wearing in the default size.  
※We cannot accept exchanges for products that have been resized.


The plating of antique plated products might fade and the surface might change as you use it, so please enjoy the antique-like texture. The color may transfer due to water, sweat, friction, etc., so please be careful when wearing it on light-colored clothes.

- Paint processed products are by baking finish.
- The painted part may crack or peel off by strong impact, so please be careful not to drop or hit it.

■Flocky finish
- The surface of flocky processing items may peel off due to strong impact or friction. Also, please be careful as the chain or charm may rub against and scratch or peel off the flocked part.
- The flocky may bleed the dye if contact with water.
- There is a possibility that dye transfer to clothes, so please be careful not to touch moisture such as rain or oil such as cosmetics while wearing.

< About the repair of processing items>
Please note that we cannot accept repair request of repainting or re-flocking. In addition, some plated products cannot be repaired, so please contact for details.


- Due to the nature of diamonds, it is easy to get oily, and if you do housework or work while wearing it, oils may cause it to lose its luster, or it may break if hit by a hard object.
- Diamond is the hardest substance, but it is also vulnerable to impact. After wearing, please wipe the products gently with a soft, dust-free cloth, check that the jewel is not loose from the clasp, and store it carefully so that it does not hit other accessories and get damaged.

■Crystal glasses, Imitation pearls
- Due to the nature of crystal glasses and imitation pearls, it may be scratched or the surface coating may come off due to strong impact or friction.
- Due to the manufacturing process of imitation pearls, there may be individual differences such as small bubbles, distortion, color unevenness, and burrs.

■Natural materials (Nature stones, Real pearls, Freshwater pearls, Corals, etc.)
- Due to the nature of natural materials, they are susceptible to damage and are very delicate. Beware of fallen and impact.
- After use, be sure to carefully wipe off any dirt with a soft cloth and store it so that it does not hit other jewels or precious metals.
- Due to the use of natural materials, there are individual differences in color, shape, size, etc.
- Be careful not to use an ultrasonic cleaner as it may break.
- Do not place desiccant near pearls during storage.
- Some natural stones contain other ores called "inclusions" and some contain internal cracks called "cracks", which are unique to natural stones.

■Threads, Ribbons, Lace
Due to the nature of the material, products that use threads, ribbons, and lace are easily damaged and are very delicate. In addition, there is a risk of fraying or cutting due to strong impact such, pulling or friction such as entanglement.

■Leather products
- Due to the nature of leather, it may harden if stored for a long period of time. Also, please note that the color may fade due to wetness etc.
- Fur products use natural materials, so some hair may come off. Please be careful about friction.
- Excessive impact or pulling may cause damage to the product.
- Adhesion of sweat, perfume, oil, etc. may cause stains or discoloration.
- Dust lightly and store in a well-ventilated and dry place after use.
- Do not use it under strong sunlight (ultraviolet rays), or wear it at hot springs, at the sea, or during sports, as it may cause discoloration or damage.

<Other items>

■Tableware (Pottery, Glass)
- Wash before use.
- Strong impacts and sudden temperature changes may cause damage such as cracks and defects.
- There is a risk of breakage when using boiling water or hot water.
- For your safety, stop using it if there are cracks. Also, please be careful not to injure yourself with fragments etc.
- Be careful of burns when using for hot beverages or hot water, the tableware will also become hot.
- When storing tableware, please be careful as the tableware may come into contact with each other and be damaged.
- Do not put in microwave or oven if it is gold/silver trimmed.
- Do not use metal scrubbers, abrasive sponges, cleansers, or chlorine bleach.
- Do not use a domestic dishwasher as it may adversely affect the surface.
- For stubborn stains such as tea stains, we recommend using an enzymatic bleach.

■Bags, Pouches, etc. (Cloth, Nylon, Leather, Vinyl Chloride)
- Sewn products, including bags and pouches, are designed and manufactured according to their intended use. Do not use the product for purposes other than its intended purpose or put too many items in the product, as this may cause the product to malfunction or lose its shape.
- Mold may occur due to humidity, etc., so please dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
- There might be color fading or discoloration due to friction, wetness, sweat, sunburn, etc.
- Be careful that the color may transfer to clothes when it gets wet with rain or other moisture. If the moisture adheres, wipe it off quickly with a dry cloth, and dry it in a well-ventilated place in the shade avoid direct sunlight.
- Foil stamping and printed parts may peel off due to friction or water wetness.
- Be careful of products that use fasteners may pinch your fingers when opening and closing.
- Products with magnet hooks contain magnetism. Be careful not to get close to it as it may affect your credit card etc.
- It may cause discoloration, deformation, mold, metal rust, etc. if you leave it in a hot or humid place (near a heater, in a car, etc.) for a long time, or if you keep exposing it to direct sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated place with low temperature and humidity after use.
- Do not use alcohol-based solvents such as benzene or thinner.
- Do not wash.

■Cloth, Nylon products
- Remove loose dirt with a soft brush. For stubborn stains, dilute a neutral detergent with water and use a dry cloth to wipe off the dirty detergent while rubbing it with a brush.

■Leather products
- Emphasizing the natural feeling of leather, there may be uneven texture, uneven color, individual differences, etc. on the surface of the product, but please enjoy the texture of each product.
- Wipe off light stains with a dry cloth. For stubborn stains, apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a soft cloth and wipe off, then wipe with a dry cloth.
- Depending on the leather, the cleaner may not work well and may cause discoloration or stains, so test in an inconspicuous area before using.
- The adhesion of moisture and oil may cause damage to the texture of the leather.

■Vinyl Chloride products
- Products using vinyl chloride may cause color transfer or color unevenness if they are in close contact with leather, vinyl chloride, enamel, plastic bags, printed matter, etc.

    Purchase History and Wishlist

    Q. I am a returning guest from previous site. Where can I see my purchase history and wishlist?

    A. Please contact us so we can manually retrieve and send it to you! Thank you very much for your patience with the site update.

      Sending Gift

      Q. Can I send items as gift?

      A. You can register shipping address that is different from billing address for gift giving.

      Q. Can I get my item gift-wrapped?

      A. Check the gift wrapping option on the product page right under Quantity before you add to the cart.
      * Some items may not be gift-wrapped.
      * We won’t be able to accommodate the request after the order is confirmed.

      Q. What is Gift-wrapping anyway?

      A. Gift Wrapping means an additional ribbon on top of the normal packaging.

      Q. Can I get gift receipts?

      A. For domestic shipping, we can remove the packing slip with the price information for gifts. However, this is not possible with international shipping due to customs.
      If there is any special request, please CONTACT US first so we can let you know if we can accommodate.

        Ways to Pay

        Q. How Can I Pay?

        A. By Credit card, PayPal, Ali Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay. You will be charged at the time of your order confirmation and received payment makes the order complete. Please note that payment method can not be changed once the order is confirmed.
        *By using AliPay, due to it connects to payment system that are not in our shop, there is a possibility that the item is out of stock when you finish the payment. In this case, we will cancel your order and we ask you for the understanding.

        Shipping & Delivery

        Q. Where is my order shipped from?

        A. At Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP, we ship from Japan with EMS, YAMATO and DHL. Thank you very much for your understanding and happy shopping!
        *Countries we currently ship internationally.

        【For countries suspended by EMS】
        *To Canada, Australia and some other countries, it's still suspended by EMS for now.
        Please use DHL or YAMATO for shipping to your country.
        If you have further question, please contact to: contact@Q-pot.jp

        Countries we currently ship to:
        • Argentina
        • Australia (Excluding The Christmas, Cocos (Keeling), Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands)
        • Austria
        • Bangladesh
        • Barbados
        • Belarus
        • Belgium
        • Bhutan
        • Brazil
        • Brunei
        • Bulgaria
        • Cambodia
        • Canada
        • Chile
        • China
        • Colombia
        • Costa Rica
        • Côte d'Ivoire
        • Croatia
        • Czech
        • Denmark (Excluding the Faroe Islands)
        • Ecuador
        • Egypt
        • El Salvador
        • Estonia
        • Ethiopia
        • Fiji
        • Finland
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        • Greenland
        • Honduras
        • Hong Kong
        • Hungary
        • Iceland
        • India
        • Indonesia
        • Italy
        • Jamaica
        • Kenya
        • Laos
        • Latvia
        • Liechtenstein
        • Lithuania
        • Luxembourg
        • Macau
        • Malaysia
        • Maldives
        • Malta
        • Mexico
        • Monaco
        • Mongolia
        • Myanmar
        • Nepal
        • Netherlands
        • New Caledonia
        • New Zealand (Excluding The Ross Dependency, Antarctic zone extending along longitudes 160 east to 150 west, and terminating at latitude 60 south)
        • Norway
        • Pakistan
        • Panama
        • Papua New Guinea
        • Paraguay
        • Peru
        • Philippines
        • Poland
        • Portugal
        • Romania
        • Roumania
        • Saipan
        • San Marino
        • Saudi Arabia
        • Singapore
        • Slovakia
        • Slovenia
        • Solomon Islands
        • South Korea
        • Spain
        • Sri Lanka
        • Sweden
        • Switzerland
        • Taiwan
        • Thailand
        • Trinidad and Tobago
        • Turkey
        • Ukraine
        • Uruguay
        • United Arab Emirates
        • United Kingdom
        • USA (Excluding the territories of American military bases with the three first digits of the postal codes being 090-098, 962-966, and 340 when shipped from Japan)
        • Venezuela
        • Vietnam
        (As of November 1st, 2020.)

        Q. How much is the shipping fee?

        A. The shipping fee is estimated by the weight of your order and it will be shown on the check out step. The order will be FREE SHIPPING on orders over JPY20,000.
        EMS Rate schedule:https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/ems_all_en.html

        Ring Sizing Chart

        Please see ring size corresponding chart to check your size.
        The top highlighted row represents a ring’s inner circumference (mm).

        *Please note some Q-pot. rings have individual differences in size due to hand-making process.

        *The ring sizing chart is for reference only.

        Rewards System

        Q. What is rewards system?

        A. You can earn points by creating account and placing order. 1 Point for every ¥100 spent.

        Q. How to use the points I have?

        A. Please click "Rewards" button on the lower right and click "Ways to redeem" to exchange your points to discount coupon and enter the coupon while checking out. *You can use only one coupon for an order.

        Cancellation Policy

        Q. Can I cancel my order?

        A. No cancellation of an order is accepted once the order is completed.

        Q. Can I make an exchange?

        A. We take pride in the quality of our products and pay utmost care and attention before shipping. Please contact Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP from Contact within 7 days following the receipt of the order. We will process for exchange if:

        1. Faulty item: We can recognize damages on the product that are not caused during shipping (Please provide photos).

        2. Wrong item received: The delivered item is different from your order. Please contact us with your full name, order date, order number, item code written on the invoice.

        Some items may be limited or exclusive and replacement may not be possible. When we cannot arrange a replacement of the faulty item to a new one, we may refund instead.

        Please note that it may take up to a month or longer since the replacement item will most likely be requested from Japan.

        Product Repair

        Q. I broke my item! Can I request repair?

        A. Sure, repair request is possible with a fee if the item was purchased at Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP, and if the damage is reversible.

        For any repair inquiries, please Contact us with the following information:

        • Your name
        • Order number to verify your purchase
        • Product code of the item you would like to be repaired
        • The condition of the item and what needs to be repaired
        • Images of the item you would like to be repaired with the damaged area clearly visible
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