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    Q-pot. is the first Japan sweets jewelry brand.
    All items are designed and hand crafted in Japan with care.

Q-pot. isn’t only a fashion brand, but a “communication tool”. Indeed,
Q-pot. aims to connect people to one another.

About Q-pot.

We create “positive accessories”, so people can smile and feel happy continuously, not only those who wear them, but also for those who see the people wearing them. Actually, we want everybody to travel in a unique fantasy world!

Why Q-pot.? “Q” is the first letter of many words that are meaningful for the brand. “Q” for “Question”. Q-pot. is like a pot full of questions, a kind of mysterious pot in fact. No one really knows what will jump out of it, apart from the designer himself of course! “Q” for “Quality”. Indeed, quality really matters for the brand. That’s why Q-pot. accessories are made in Japan with carefully selected high quality materials. As the list is long, let’s simply say that thanks to Q-pot., sweet dreams come true for many of us.

We are eventually sure that if everybody is happy and feels good, peace can spread more easily throughout the world.

Q-pot CAFE.
Sugary sweets to spread smiles across the world.

Sugary sweets to spread smiles across the world. Q-pot.’s “positive accessories” are transforming into positively tasty desserts! Savor an exquisite visit to the “Q-pot CAFE.”

Tadaaki Wakamatsu

Tadaaki Wakamatsu was born in Tokyo. After working as a fashion model, he started studying accessory design under Mr. Kazumasa Seima.
He established “Q-pot.” as an accessory brand in 2002.
Wakamatsu continues in creating visual arts, advertisements and collaboration with fashion brands/artists as a pioneer of cultural movement of sweets accessories. His work expands to various fields outside accessory creation and makes “the chain of smiles” throughout the world.