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    Q-pot. is the first sweets jewelry brand in Japan.
    We create jewelries that are unique and sharing smiles.
    All items are designed and hand crafted in Japan.

Q-pot. isn’t only a fashion brand, but a “communication tool”. Indeed,
Q-pot. aims to connect people to one another.

About Q-pot.

Q-pot. is a Jewelry brand based in Tokyo, Japan focused on making unique, hand crafted, made in Japan Jewelry. We strive to maintain the highest quality standards as we continue to create and design. Q-pot. has always worked to create an all inclusive world where everyone can be as creative as they want - we hope that our jewelry can draw out the unique individuality that we all have.

Q-pot CAFE.
Sugary sweets to spread smiles across the world.

Sugary sweets spread smiles across the world. Here we are transforming Q-pot.’s “unique accessories” into tasty desserts! Q-pot CAFE. showcases our latest collections and offers a peek into our world.

Tadaaki Wakamatsu

Tadaaki Wakamatsu was born in Tokyo. After working as a fashion model, he started studying accessory design under Mr. Kazumasa Seima.
He established “Q-pot.” as an accessory brand in 2002.
Wakamatsu continues in creating visual arts, advertisements and collaboration with fashion brands/artists as a pioneer of cultural movement of sweets accessories. His work expands to various fields outside accessory creation and makes “the chain of smiles” throughout the world.