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Ribbon Plain Doughnut Bag Charm【Japan Jewelry】
Ribbon Plain Doughnut Bag Charm【Japan Jewelry】
Ribbon Plain Doughnut Bag Charm【Japan Jewelry】

Ribbon Plain Doughnut Bag Charm【Japan Jewelry】

  • March du Q-pot.
  • SKU: 3815270BEG
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Sometimes, all you need in life is a cup of coffee and a sweet doughnut.

The ingredients for happiness maybe "Sweetness・Happiness・Smiles・Hugs・Love・Peace." Imagine biting into a perfect doughnut. Fluffy, moist, maybe crispy and definitely sweet. Doughnuts that make many people smile finally join Q-pot. collections!

Choose your flavor and experience the realistic feel of Q-pot. Doughnuts series!

Not only it looks real, it touches like a real thing, too. Unfortunately, no matter how long you stare at it, you still can not eat it.

Don't stare too long, or you may get a sweet tooth!


*Due to production process, each individual product may have slight differences. 

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