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【Rewards, Shipping Free...】Shopping Tips for You★

on June 16, 2021
Hi, we are Japan jewelry brand Q-pot.
Thank you for coming to the news page.
Hope you enjoy shopping our Japan jewelry with these tips!
Are you Q-pot. Family Member already?
japan jewelry q-pot
If you become a member, you can use our point system!
You will get some points before purchasing.
japan jewelry q-pot
You can use points as a discount as 1 Points = ¥1.
japan jewelry q-pot
Free Shipping is available!
International FREE shipping on orders over JPY20,000. ($200)
 We ship the jewelry from japan directly!
*Shipping free is only for EMS shipping.

Hope you enjoy high quality Q-pot.'s Japan jewelry.

*Our normal shipping service EMS stops to ship to countries like Canada and Australia and so on.
But we still offer shipping by DHL!
japan jewelry q-pot


Thank you for reading!

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