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Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】
Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】

Q Tights (Milk)【Japan Jewelry】

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Let’s start your autumn fashion with Q-pot. original chocolate leg wear. 
Elegant and also very sweet ivory colored “Q” pattern tights is MADE IN JAPAN by craftsman carefully. Gold lame yarn is used for toe and heel, it makes fashionable and also strong. Please enjoy sweet autumn fashion with this special leg wear collection.
This Q-pot. dress collection is for all CHOCOLATE LOVER. Taking a step to the nostalgic world.

*Items other than Q-pot. Dress collections are not for sale.
*Gift wrapping is not available.
*Handle with care as the item is fragile to articulate the design.
*Watch out for the fabric getting caught by excessive force, friction and nails while putting on or taking off the garment.
*Using may cause lame threads to get loose.
*Wash separately.

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