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TRY YOUR LUCK! Q-pot. 2023 Happy Bag is coming!

on December 14, 2022
Hi! This is Japan jewelry brand Q-pot.!
In Japan, there is a fun shopping culture "Happy Bag/Lucky Bag". Around the new year, many shops are selling the bag to put many items randomly, the bag's price will be super value!
Q-pot. follow the fun shopping culture too! Q-pot. 2023 Happy Bag, which you can fully enjoy Q-pot's signature motif: Chocolate will be available with exclusive items that you can only get it through this lucky bag and other special items included, it's super value!

Let us introduce you what's inside the bag!

Special Item① A Piece Chocolate Necklace
Q-pot.'s signature motif = Chocolate as an amulet jewelry for 2023. Don't miss the Lucky Bag exclusive necklace! Mini size chocolate necklace comes from 5 colorful colors randomly. The bited design is unique and full of playfulness.
White = Money Luck, Mint = Match Luck, Strawberry = Love Luck, Bitter = Health Luck, Blueberry = Career Luck

Special Item② Phonetab & Strap
Something you carry every day is gonna be cute and stylish. The strap which is convenient for carrying your smartphone comes with chocolate and Q logo charm from 4 types randomly.

You can carry smartphone easily and with both hands free if you hang it on shoulder or neck. It is useful in various scenes such as when you have a lot of luggage and using mobile payment.
*The strap is D-ring type.
*Compatible with smartphone cases with a charging port width of about 13 mm or more.

Special Item③ Chocolate Chain Bracelet
The exclusive chain bracelet with mini chocolate pieces. Just add some sweet to your outfit, it will bring you sweet happiness!

Special Item④ Rabbit Tote Bag
This year’s animal zodiac is “Rabbit”. Rabbits have been considered a symbol of bringing good luck and breakthrough. The tote bag with rabbit design is classical and also useful with a big capacity!

Other special items in the bag too. What will you get? Just try your luck!


※Pre-Order Term: Available from 2022/12/26 10:00am JST *Numbers limited.
※Delivery Schedule: Delivery starts from January 10th, 2023 in order.
※Lucky bag is not applied to free shipping service. If you prefer to buy other items that has meet the free shipping line together, please place the order separately. Thank you for the understanding.
※Lucky bag is not applied to points rewards service.
※No cancel, returns or exchange.
※The photos are for reference, iPhone case is not included.

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