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~Q-pot CAFE. Happy Rabbit Year!~

on December 20, 2022

Ready for a Happy New Year? We present you lucky rabbit sweets from 12/26!

Limited Menu <Happy Rabbit Year! Melty Parfait>

The star of 2023, lovely rabbit celebrates the new year♡
The photogenic parfait that looks great from any angle is sweet and sour strawberry flavor layered with salted milk ice cream, whipped cream, genoise, berry sauce, and raspberry cream.

Happy Rabbit will boost your luck! Early in the New Year, the charm of Happy Rabbit will make your heart flutters!

Limited Menu <Happy Rabbit Year! Strawberry Caramel Milk Tea>
A fluffy Happy Rabbit wraps you in happiness mood. Let's boost your luck up with the rabbit drink! Adding milk to black tea espresso, bittersweet caramel sauce and strawberry jam makes it gorgeous and delicate. Mix the fluffy strawberry cream with the bittersweet tea latte and enjoy.

Limited Menu <Happy Rabbit Year! Red & White Afternoon Tea Set>
Red & White Afternoon Tea with the Japanese new year's must-have: "Kagami Mochi" and "Datemaki" arranged in Q-pot CAFE. style! 2023 First tea party is gonna be at Q-pot CAFE.!

<Upper Plate>
The “Datemaki” style rabbit roll cake, which features bunny ears chocolate, has a fluffy texture like that of a white rabbit. Sweet and sour raspberry jam and mildly sweet diplomat cream wrapped in genoise.
The bite-sized “Kagami Mochi” cupcake has mitarashi sauce: a sweet soy sauce glaze as a secret ingredient. The mandarin orange is chocolate, the rice cake is whipped cream, and the shihobeni: a sheet under the rice cake is reproduced with gyuhi: a kind of rice cake.
3 kinds of fresh berries on top of the bright red jelly & white whipped cream glass desserts. As Q-pot CAFE.'s specialty, an elegant red & white macaron with bright red strawberries drawn on pure white macaron shell and strawberry jelly in rose ganache cream.

<Lower Plate>
Crispy croissant sandwich made with roast beef & demi-glace sauce comes with rich lobster bisque. Served with vegetable terrine, please enjoy the generous meal plate!

We offer from one person so you can enjoy a time by myself too!

【Q-pot CAFE. Happy Rabbit Year!】
Available from 2022/12/26 to 2023/1/6
●Reservation by Japanese
●Reservation by Foreign Languages from Google

About Q-pot CAFE.

Q-pot CAFE. is a place to experience the jewelry – a place where our pastry chefs craft unique and creative sweets. Q-pot CAFE. is a place where people can escape reality and melt into our world.

3-4-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, JAPAN
☎ 03-6447-1218
11:00~19:00 (L.O. 18:30)
*2022/12/29 opens until 18:00(L.O. 17:30), 2022/12/30 to 2023/1/2 will be closed due to New Year holidays. We will be back to normal business from 2023/1/3.

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