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on April 25, 2023

Today let us tell you the story of designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu and the birth of TOOTH collection.

As a teenager, Tadaaki Wakamatsu was not good at communication, and was worried about the job of a model, which requires high communication skills. On film sets, there are staffs such as photographers, stylists, and hair & makeup artists who do what they are good at, what they like and shine in their own way. He was moved by them and thought, "Maybe I'm not a person standing on the front, but a backseat player who creates works behind the scenes."
In the midst of this, he met the mentor and embarked on the path of manufacturing. “Why don’t you try making your own original jewelries?" Inspired by such words of mentor, he started the career as a designer by studying on his own.

In keeping with the mentor's words, "be yourself", Tadaaki Wakamatsu created "jewelries as communication tools" that naturally expand conversations and create communication by wearing the jewelries.
This is a story from a little while ago when Q-pot. was born.

[A drawing of TOOTH by Wakamatsu.]

I've always loved chocolate, but I hate to go to the dentist. Of course, I also had cavities.
Wakamatsu, who had a negative image of teeth, designed "TOOTH" jewelries with teeth as a motif based on the concept of "turning negative into positive!", which is also his life philosophy. Things change depending on how you look at them. By wearing it, you can find something fun in any situation, and changed negative into positive and smile. The collection is with the designer's thought that "Happiness is not the absence of worries, but it is important to enjoy everyday life even if you have worries."

[A positive jewelry: TOOTH is born.]

Wisdom Tooth
A very nice teeth ring.
Made of silver, if you do not polish it cleanly, it will turn black and become "cavities".

Wakamatsu's work incorporates the characteristics of materials and even aging deterioration into the concept of the work, and once you hear the concept, you can't help but want to tell someone. “I had just one treatment and it turned into a gold tooth." It is truly a jewelry as a communication tool.

[Wisdom Tooth Ring]

[Comes with a special package.]

Big Tooth
Another charm of Q-pot. is that when you see someone wearing Q-pot. you will feel like to talking to.
When you see someone wearing such a big tooth, you can't help but speak to them. A big tooth that is a "big thing".

"Is that a tooth!?"
"Yes! A big tooth with a big thing. The cause of the tooth decay is hidden!"
A word play of "big" and "big thing" that it will make the conversations fun.

[Big Tooth Ring]

[That is chocolate which cause the decay!]

Jewelry as your identity
Wakamatsu's works are not just jewelries that make you look beautiful, they are like amulets that give the owner confidence and courage as part of their own identity.
Nowadays, we are in the midst of a transition into a society for diversity, but Wakamatsu has been thinking jewelry as a pop art that everyone can enjoy for over 20 years, even before Q-pot. was established. "Femininity" and "masculinity" are no longer matter, what is important is "personality". We want you to fully enjoy each of our values.

[Wisdom Tooth Necklace]

[Wisdom Tooth Necklace]

[3 Pieces Teeth Pierced Earring & Tooth Ear Cuff]

[Tooth Hair Pin]

[Petit Tooth Ring]

Treatment of Tooth
The tooth that has been treasured for many years. Both decayed teeth and  scratched teeth has its own taste.
However since tooth is important, we recommend regular checkups. If you have decayed tooth, please contact Q-pot. shop cast.

[A necklace that has decayed tooth without brushing.]

[Both silver and golden tooth have decayed.]

[Even cavities (black paint) may become silver tooth if time passed.]

Q-pot. positive jewelries: Wearing tooth and always turn negative into positive!

TOOTH collection full of the thoughts of designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu. At Q-pot. Omotesando Flagship Shop, you can also enjoy Wakamatsu's artwork at 2F powder room.

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