Like an wearable art piece with playful, unique design and high quality of made in Japan, Puppy Waltz Cake collection from Q-pot. Dress is unveiled now.

~Puppy Waltz Cake~
They twirling around me
Chasing butterflies round and round
My lovely plays "Waltz of the Puppy"
A happiness melody in everyday life

The original pattern is elegant yet lovely just like Chopin's "Waltz of the Puppy". Frill cream like a light step, the cream of flowers and butterflies is decorated like a rest. The look that puppies walking happily in the spring days and running around is expressed with a cake.

The Bell Sleeve Dress that is the main character of the collection has a lady-like length, gorgeous and elegant with frills on the cuffs and hem. The frills are voluminous while the transparent material makes it cool. The sleeves are bell-shaped with a silhouette.

Puff Sleeve Dress features girly design and the melting collar, Tiered Shirtdress that is in a loose silhouette with tiered design, and the flare skirt with longer length and tucks has a pleated silhouette will also be available.

From the fabric to the sewing, Q-pot. Dress line is all handmade in Japan. It's a special piece that has been finished with attention to detail and high sewing skill. You can wear it for a long time with fine quality.

Jewelries will also be availalbe. Enjoy the happy time with sweet puppies.

Q-pot. Dress 2023SS Collection ~Puppy Waltz Cake~
On sale: 2023/4/29 12PM JST
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