Q-pot. × macarons♡

No matter what you say, it looks soooooo cute!
There are many other delicious sweets in the world, but when it comes to sweets that are cute just because they exist, we don't think there is anything like macarons♥

For Q-pot., macaron is a motif that is the signature of the brand, and many people have the image that macaron = Q-pot., which is exactly the face of the brand. In addition to the standard one-color series, seasonal macarons are very popular every year.

This "Heart Macaron" collection has hearts, pinks, reds, whites, sparkling jewel stones... All of the girls love it! ! ! The heart macaron is packed with everything.

It's a little shy to wear cute things...but I still like cute things. When you get older and your life stage changes, you may hit such a wall. This macaron has a powerful design that breaks through such a wall with the tension that "cute is the best♡".

You can wear a necklace to declare your love for cute things, or share your cuteness with a bag charm as a gift! Let's put on "what I love" and make yourself the best ever!!!





【Macaron Collection】