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on January 25, 2023
Q-pot. × Chocolate♡

Chocolate is the most popular sweet in the world, isn't it? There are many people who are loved by many people regardless of gender or age, and many people say that chocolate saves them everyday. (I'm a real chocolate addict, eating chocolate everyday, haha!)

The smooth and beautiful texture of chocolate and the design reminiscent of chocolate with a luxurious appearance go beyond the framework of the jewelry brand <Q-pot.>, and we also offer a wide range of small leather products such as bags and wallets.

One of the brand missions of <Q-pot. is to pass on the wonderful Japanese craftsmanship to the next generation of creators. So that their items are realy "A masterpiece from Japan". You can feel the high quality of the product, which cannot be explained only by the looks of the cute and unique design.
We've actually been using these bags for years, and they're 1.easy to use and care, 2.functionable and durable, and not heavy! It has everything you need in a bag. (That's why I end up buying different styles and colors even with the same pattern ^^)

For example, this Boston bag is a main bag that you want to match with an important day, but it actually holds all the items you need every day, so you can take it not only on day-off but also on working days. . The chic color makes it easy to match with office casual styles, and it is a unique point of Q-pot. that you can casually say "I am a chocolate lover" to those around you. (Actually, I've been talked to by this bag many times at cafes and stations.)

In Japan, April is the month when people start school, start jobs, start a new semester, or start a new school year. It's easy to become sensitive even if it's just a change of environment and the change of season. Isn't it?

Q-pot. has various styles of bags. Please choose the design that is perfect for you.
【Bag & Wallet Collection】




【Bag & Wallet Collection】

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