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Staff Recommend #holiday

on December 06, 2022


1. Realistic design that looks like it is stamped with melted chocolate! I also like the antique atmosphere.
- Sealing Chocolate Pierce

2. Melt ring with flocky is an item that fell in love at first sight. I like jewelry that makes you feel the season with the material.
- Flocky Melt Ring (Bordeaux)
- Sealing Chocolate Ring

3. I want a bag that not only looks cute, but also has plenty of capacity. The beautiful heart shape is proof that it is made in Japan!
- Bitter Chocolate Heart Crossbody Bag

4. I feel that winter has come when I wear this snow whip. Its small size makes it easy to use everyday, so the frequency of use is always on the top!
- Strawberry Sugar Snow Cream Pierced Earrings (Pair)
- Strawberry Sugar Snow Whipped Cream Ring

5. If you look closely, it's a cake! The watch with fine details has a delicate design. (SEIKO / Made in Japan)
- Decorated Cake Watch (Strawberry Cake)

6. Strawberry tarts are full of cuteness. In winter, we wear darker clothes more often, so bright jewelry is a must.
- Strawberry Tart Necklace

7. Jewel cookie ring that looks like jam with a stone that shines like a jewel. The design is eye-catching, so it can be a conversation starter.
- Jewel Cookie collection

8. Collection of snow whipped cream with a smooth porcelain feel. White is my favorite because it goes well with winter scenery.
- Sugar Snow Whipped Cream Necklace

9. ”Galette des Rois” motif that seems to bring good luck just by wearing it. Add a horseshoe charm to ward off bad luck. I will be lucky next year too!
- Galette des Rois Bag Charm
- Horseshoe Feve Charm

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