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Fantastic Beasts × Q-pot. Japan Jewelry Collaboration
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Fun little magical creatures turn into sweet and cute sweets accessory!?
Q-pot.'s fun sweets accessories in the world of No-Maj (human).
This collaboration items are only available to ship to US due to the license issue.

【Fantastic Beasts Collaboration】Occamy/Silver Egg Pierced Earrings (Pair)


【Fantastic Beasts Collaboration】Occamy/Silver Egg Bracelet


【Fantastic Beasts Collaboration】Niffler/Crystal Candy Bracelet


【Fantastic Beasts Collaboration】Niffler/Crystal Candy Pierced Earring (1 Piece)


【Fantastic Beasts Collaboration】Baby Niffler/Jewel Cookie Necklace


【Fantastic Beasts Collaboration】Baby Niffler/Jewel Cookie Pierced Earring (1 Piece)


【Fantastic Beasts Collaboration】Niffler/Jewel Cookie Necklace


【Fantastic Beasts Collaboration】Niffler/Jewel Cookie Bag Charm