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~The Beauty of Japan~ Our Sakura is starting bloom🌸

on March 03, 2023

Still early? No, the Sakura season is short, so it's important to start blooming.

In Japan, when the calendar changes to March, the news of "Sakura forecast" is buzzing.


For Japanese people, <Sakura> = the arrival of spring. The sight of the city dyed in pale pink is an indispensable symbol of the season for us.

At this time of year, our shop also has jewelry with the motif of "Sakura" every year. The variations increase little by little every year, so there is also the pleasure of collecting them.

There are infinite ways to express Sakura. Designers carefully examine each material that maximizes the charm of the motif, and create a collection that can only be expressed by Q-pot.

Sakura x Japanese confectionery(=Wagashi: 和菓子) , Sakura x western desserts... Hybrid and delicious cherry blossom jewelry created with limitless creativity.

This is the season when the cold winter is over, and the body and mind become lighter. How about a piece of special our Sakura jewelry that will never fall off?

【Sakura Collection】



~The Beauty of Japan~








【Sakura Collection】

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