Q-pot. shop open in ANA GranWhale, a new type metaverse travel experience!
A virtual travel service that you can enjoy the world with anyone, anytime. Provided by ANA, an airline group centering on air industry, ANA GranWhale, a virtual travel platform accessible from various devices such as smartphone and tablet will initial launch in Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia)!

Q-pot. ANA GranWhale Shop will open in the shopping mall: Sky Mall in ANA GranWhale!! You can enjoy the exclusive digital items and content that can only be found here.

What is ANA GranWhale?
ANA GranWhale is a virtual travel service that uses gaming technology to recreate the world's amazing destinations and cultures in the Metaverse with a safe and comfortable environment for you to enjoy travelling. With ANA GranWhale, you can create your own avatar and venture on a V-TRIP alongside family and friends or enjoy a unique shopping experience at Sky Mall.

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Please look forward to the extraordinary experience with ANA GranWhale!

Q-pot. ANA GranWhale Shop
Initial launch: June 13, 2023
Initial launch areas: Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia)
*We will inform the launch schedule in Japan as soon as it is decided.

Distribution platforms: App Store / Google Play
Supported OS: iOS / Android
Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)
*Please refrain from inquiries regarding this.