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A big news for Q-pot. 20th Anniversary! New collection line unveiled.

on March 08, 2023

Q-pot. 20th Anniversary
Q-pot. SHOES
Positive shoes that make the world smile. Be yourself and walk your own path.

A big news popped out from Q-pot. – A mysterious pop that you don't know what will pop out on 20th anniversary of brand establishment. New collection line Q-pot. SHOES debut!!

These days, it is very similar to the time when Q-pot. was founded, which was shrouded in chaos and dark times such as the predictions of Nostradamus in 1999 and the Year 2000 problem. Q-pot. SHOES was born with the hope that everyone will be able to walk on a brighter and happier path while respecting all people who are living in such a turbulent nowadays.

“Positive SHOES for walking towards the world.”

We have continued to make things made in Japan with Japanese craftsmen for 20 years. Designed by Tadaaki Wakamatsu, a new type of accessory: Q-pot. SHOES is unveiled in Japan for the first time!!

2023.3.18 (Sat.) Debut!!
Melting Chocolate
"Piece" of chocolate
Bringing “Peace”
Soften the world

Classic shoes "Mary Jane" born in the 1950s and continues shining brilliantly in the history of shoes. The decorative shoes were born from the traditional "Mary Jane" with a witty design of melted sole.

Overwhelming presence sole gives a strong impact, melting Chocolate, the first collection from Q-pot. SHOES with a playful design that makes you smile. Shoes with a new sensation that can only be created by Q-pot.

The decorative shoes like a pop, woven by tradition and innovation, has a look so attractive that can really melt the world with smile. The rounded and voluminous upper has a glossy finish like chocolate, made of corrected-grain leather (cowhide) with an elegant luster and fine color.

The strap is a four-hole type that can be adjusted according to the height of the instep. The impactful sole that melts over 3 layers is surprisingly light contrary to the decorative design, showing the designer's thoughts of "walk lightly on the path of life" with an eye-catching design. 

The sole uses foam rubber solidified like a sponge with fine bubble-like air in synthetic rubber. Highly cushioned and extremely light sole is also one of the charms of Q-pot. SHOES.

[Q-pot. SHOES/Melting Chocolate Mary Jane]
Price: ¥45,000
Color: Brown×Brown/Black×Black/Red×Black
Size: Ladies Size(S/M/L/LL)

In order to pass on traditional Japanese craftsmanship to the next generation,
Continuing to disseminate Japanese Manufacturing Culture to the World while caring about Made in Japan, with such thoughts of the designer, please take Q-pot. SHOES in hands and enjoy the fine quality carefully created each by
Japan's proud shoe craftsmen with their soul.

Q-pot. SHOES Pre-Order/ General Sales
・Pre-Order Terms: 2023/3/18~2023/3/30
Delivery: From the beginning of July 2023 in order
・General Sales: In about the middle of July 2023

Shops: Q-pot. Omotesando Flagship Shop/ Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku/
Q-pot. TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi Shop/ Q-pot. IKSPIARI/ Q-pot. Lucua 1100


*There is a possibility the release date, delivery schedule and product specifications may change.
*We do not accept cancellations, changes, or refunds for reserved products.
*Advance Payment.
*Pre-Order will be closed as soon as the number is reached.
*Samples are available at Q-pot. direct management stores.
Please note that the color and size of the samples you can see vary depending on the store.

Message from Designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu
It's been 20 years since the brand started, but in 1999, when we first debuted, the world was in chaos due to invisible fears and anxieties, such as the predictions of Nostradamus and the Year 2000 problem. It was a dark time, but I feel that today is somewhat similar. The coronavirus, natural disasters, conflicts, etc. were constant, and life was in poverty, and I felt that the world is somehow vicious. Q-pot. SHOES was born with the hope that everyone will be able to walk on a brighter and happier path while respecting all people who are living in such a turbulent nowadays. "Shoes" are like a vehicle that takes you to a wonderful place like a magic carpet, so I hope Q-pot. SHOES to be the kind of existence that taking you to the place you want to go and to the place full of happiness.
In addition, I was particular about the light and thick sole, and I designed it with the wish that I hope people can walk in life lightly and see the scenery that you can't usually see. I want the shoes to be positive shoes that are for walking towards the world.
By the way, the bottom of the sole is chocolate. After walking, the pieces of chocolate (=PEACE) spread out. I'm sure that the footprints left by someone will make someone smile again.
I believe that Q-pot. SHOES will expand the connection of smiles all over the world.

Tadaaki Wakamatsu

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