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Q-pot.×GRANBLUE FANTASY 1st collaboration is back soon!

on March 29, 2022
A fantastic patisserie facing the sky of GRANBLUE. In the image of palace-like gorgeous patisserie decorated by sugar craft, this is a spectacular collaboration.

With a mouth of beautiful and heart-warming sweets that will make you laugh spontaneously, this is a hospitality from important friends.

Cakes, Pate de Fruits, Amezaiku (a kind of sugar confectionery) and Macaron... When the artistic sweets are made one by one, we are also filled with happiness.

As one of the very first primal beasts, Lucifer is known as the supreme primarch who commands all other primarch. Perfect appearance of six wings is so beautiful that you can’t even find a defect on him. Full of heart-melting attraction, Lucifer turns into Q-pot. iconic sweets: Macaron and Candy.

“Lucifer Melty Heart Macaron Bag Charm”
Well-baked Heart Macaron with cream melting down. To present the six wings of Lucifer, this is a divine and gorgeous macaron only designed for collaboration.

Lucifer Melty Heart Macaron Bag Charm ¥8,500
“Lucifer Melty Heart Candy Necklace&Bracelet”
A heart candy with aurora brightness. Delicate design, fine decoration, and elegant coloring. The perfect and beautiful candy with six wings is a noble sweets compares to him, who was called masterpiece. Bracelet as a new member this time.

Lucifer Melty Heart Candy Necklace ¥14,000 / Bracelet ¥12,0000

Bitter and a little sour, rich in flavor and scent of charming... Sandalphon, a coffee lover. In coffee, there’s full memories of the supreme primarch, Lucifer who Sandalphon admires from the bottom of heart.

“Sandalphon Coffee Cup Necklace”
A light of hope streamed in coffee. When tasting the bitter coffee, it always reminds him of the memories of Lucifer.
Sandalphon and Lucifer, there’s always coffee by their side. You can even taste the sorrowful destiny of them. How about having a “cup” of Sandalphon Coffee Cup Necklace from Q-pot.?

Sandalphon Coffee Cup Necklace ¥14,000

“Sandalphon Coffee Jelly Bag Charm”
An excellent harmony of not-so sweet coffee jelly and cream. When you grow up, you’ll understand the charm of coffee jelly.
It’s not only something sweet could be called as sweets... Inspired by Sandalphon who suffers, bitter sweet Coffee Jelly is a sweets for coffee lovers.

Sandalphon Coffee Jelly Bag Charm ¥8,500

“Four Knights”
There are four knights from Feendrache. Beautiful cakes inspired by the leads of knights, Lancelot and Vane, Percival, Siegfried, who are so charming.

“Lancelot Sugar Snow Cupcake Bag Charm”
Strong but treats everyone in a same way, Lancelot, who leads the Order of the White Dragons. Sugar Snow Cupcake born from his pure and clean image. Decorated with pastel blue cream, like a boundless sky. On the top, there is a crystal of snow full of clarity.

Lancelot Sugar Snow Cupcake Bag Charm ¥11,000

“Vane Apricot Pie Bag Charm”
Vane, a knight who has golden hair and always full of smile and energy. Not only cheerful but always cares for others, and he is also a good cook. Inspired by the excellent skill of him, crispy Apricot Pie will fit him. The sweets will make you imagine of Vane making a pie with a face full of smile.

Vane Apricot Pie Bag Charm ¥11,000

Siegfried Mont Blanc Bag Charm”
Powerful and full of loyalty, but having the goofy personality makes Siegfried a beloved character. Mont Blanc made by chestnut will suit him. The elegant sweetness of Mont Blanc makes it popular in adults. How about having a piece of it?

Siegfried Mont Blanc Bag Charm ¥11,000

 Percival Strawberry Cupcake Bag Charm”
Born in an imperial family and having a gentle dignity, the knight Percival. The memories of family turn into the strawberries. Enjoy having a piece of Strawberry Cupcake decorated by sweet and sour strawberries and cream.

Percival Strawberry Cupcake Bag Charm ¥11,000

Lyria Pate de Fruits Necklace”
Lyria, a girl who has a wonder ability to command primal beasts. With sky-blue hair and being called as an Azure Girl, the pendant she wears turns into Pate de Fruits Necklace with a jewelry-like looks. The colors changes when the light leaks through by seeing from different angles. Delicate decorations make it an adorable necklace.

Lyria Pate de Fruits Necklace ¥10,000

Vyrn Apple Pate de Fruits Bag Charm”
A mysterious winged creature who leads main characters to destiny, Vyrn is a lovely little dragon who is always cheerful. Inspired by Vyrn, who loves apples more than anything in the world, Apple Pate de Fruits with a mouth bitten was born. Realistically looks of sugar-coated and texture full of elasticity. On the back of apple, there’s a signature “Vyrn” who just the one bites the apple.

Vyrn Apple Pate de Fruits Bag Charm ¥8,800

General Goods
Clear File and Postcard Set using the key visual are also available!

A4 Clear File ¥500 / Postcard Set (8 Pieces) ¥1,800

【Q-pot.×GRANBLUE FANTASY 1st Collaboration】
ON SALE: April 15th, 2022 12:00(Japan time)
※Limited quantity. Please note that there is no pre-order for 1st collaboration.
※There's a purchase limit that 2 Clear Files and 2 Postcard Sets per person.

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