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Poppy × Q-pot. Collaboration"Poppy Medical Text"

on September 28, 2021
Poppy × Q-pot. Collaboration "Poppy Medical Text" 
Poppy Dissected
Surreal, Dark & Cute Medical Text
Duality Sweet & Scary
Elegant & Punk
Accessory Collection that goes beyond genres
<About the collaboration>
Tadaaki Wakamatsu - a designer of Q-pot. based in Harajuku, Tokyo through his brand Q-pot. he has pioneered Sweets Accessories and Lolita styling. In 2021 Wakamatsu and Poppy have partnered to create a collection of accessories which pulls from each of their backgrounds. Poppy is a Grammy nominated artist (2021 : Best Metal Performance), with over 5 million youtube views – Poppy has established herself as an art, music, and fashion icon. 
Wakamatsu and Poppy have come together and collaborated first by dissecting Poppy as an artist. Creating a Poppy Medical text, a dark surreal, and “kawaii” theme runs across the collection. Poppy who has long drawn inspiration from Japanese pop culture has decided to work with Wakamatsu on this collection for global release. Throughout the design and creative process Wakamatsu and Poppy were constantly in sync on the vision as well as the product. 
We hope that you enjoy the Q-pot. × Poppy collection!
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