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2021SS Collection Q-pot. Kissa

on April 21, 2021  in bagcharmcherryearringfruitskissamelonnecklacenew
Hi, we are Japan jewelry brand Q-pot.

Today we will show you some new Japan jewelry items.
japan jewelry q-pot
Japanese Cafe: Kissa
Q-pot. With the cooler working, the scent of coffee permeate the room.
The chair familiar with touch, and a reading pocket edition book.
My order is definitely Melon Soda Float and Pudding a la mode.
japan jewelry q-pot
Melon Soda Float, Pudding a la mode, Fresh Melon
Which menu do you choose?
japan jewelry q-pot
Enjoy retro & classic mood with these items!
On Sale: April 23rd, 2021
We ship the jewelry from Japan directly!

Hope you enjoy high quality Q-pot.'s Japan jewelry.



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