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    Q-pot. is the first sweets jewelry brand in Japan.
    We create jewelries that are unique and sharing smiles.
    All items are designed and hand crafted in Japan.
Let’s take a walk!

Enjoy spring with the beautiful bags hand made in Japan.

Positive SHOES for walking towards the world.
Q-pot. 20th Anniversary

Positive shoes that make the world smile.
Be yourself and walk your own path.
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Sakura Collection - The first sweets Japan Jewelry Q-pot.

A forever blooming on you!


Fun and unique jewelries make your day!

Q-pot. - The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Q-pot. Always unique, Always original

Jewelry that connects and uplifts. Designed and Made in Japan for the rest of the world.

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Designer's Brand.

All the items are designed by designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu. He continues in creating visual arts, advertisements and collaboration with fashion brands/artists as a pioneer of cultural movement of sweets accessories.

Arty Jewelry - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Art and Fashion

Each item is a wearable piece of art, that is thoughtfully designed and is part of Japan fashion.

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Genderless Jewelry - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Jewelry For Everyone

Inclusive jewelry that is for everyone. Loved by artists and creative people all over the world.

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Made in Japan - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Made in Japan

High Quality Manufacturing - Jewelry that will last a lifetime. Each piece is hand made by an artisan to ensure that each piece made to the highest quality standard.

Q-pot. Flagship Shop

Located in Omotesando, Tokyo - Showcasing our Jewelry as well as limited displays for our collections.

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Q-pot CAFE. - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Q-pot CAFE.
-Where jewelry becomes sweets-

Q-pot CAFE. is a place to experience the jewelry – a place where our pastry chefs craft unique and creative sweets. Q-pot CAFE. is a place where people can escape reality and melt into our world.

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Donation - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

-Share the happiness to the world.-

Q-pot. has always donated part of its profits and organized programs to support organizations around the world.

Collaboration - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.


Aside from designing jewelry, Q-pot. also designs products, sets, and has collaborated with many artists. Q-pot. has been active in helping to bridge Japanese Anime, and characters to the rest of the world – creating themed jewelry collections with some of the best known character franchises from Japan.

Let us be a part of your sweet life.
Q-pot. Wedding

Handmade each by Japanese craftsmen, enjoy the sweetest moment only once in life...♡