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Sister Rose Brooch

Sister Rose Brooch

  • SKU: 0770005

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Accessories have eyes and roses inspired by the concept “Between life and death”.


Mad Sweets ~Between life and death~

A sister stands in a graveyard.

Roses with a right hand, the bone rosary with a left hand.

Life and death, light and shadow.


Between the two worlds never crossed each other.


【Q-pot. 2020 AW COLLECTION】

Mad Sweets ~The world is like a crazy cake~

“In the world, various kinds of diversity are required.

During these days, I was thinking about the existence value of Q-pot.

It is connecting people to people and things to people.

Mix and connect various cultures, hobbies, races and ways of thinking.

When mixed and expressed in one form, new value may be created.

It has infinite possibilities like a cake made by combining various ingredients.”

Q-pot. Designer Wakamatsu Tadaaki



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