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  • 【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack
【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack

【PRE-ORDER】Q-pot. Sesame Candy Backpack

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According to COVID-19 pandemic,
EMS is suspended in several countries including Australia.
If you prefer to receive faster, please cart in this option.
We will arrange shipping by Yamato automatically.

*"Yamato International Shipping" is Japanese No.1 safety delivery service.
*Total shipping cost = EMS original cost + Yamato optional cost.
*Sorry! But NOT available to choose for Canada, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina.
※This item is excluded from special discount offer.

Delivery: About the end of February, 2022
※There is a possibility those plans and images will change.  
※The item will be delivered by ship mail, which may take 2~3 months.

※When you purchase this pre-order item AND with other item that is NOT pre-order item, we ship in same package when we ready to ship the pre-order item. So if you prefer to receive NOT pre-order item in soon, please purchase in shopping separately. Sorry for inconvenience by system cause.   

In the classic design, "Striped candy" with a modern atmosphere.
Very girly atmosphere in pastel colors that girls love.
Luxury attached candy and the Q-pot. Logo scattered here and there is also a point.
For children enrolling in 2022, how about a sweet school bag?

【About the item】
Melting Ribbon Project
Nourishment and hope for children around the world.
We want to expand the chain of smiles from children to children.

Part of the sales of "Q-pot. Randsel" will be donated to "school lunch support" that improves the nutritional status of the child and expands educational opportunities through the United Nations WFP Red Cup Campaign.

■ One-touch Lock
Locks automatically with a light push!
Since it is a one-touch lock, it can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

■ Wing Back Ring & Shoulder Strap
The shoulder strap moves upside down according to the movement, and fits perfectly to child's body shape.
By stabilizing the shoulder straps, the burden on the child's shoulders is reduced.

■ Gusset Width
Wide type with a gusset width of 12 cm.
It has a large capacity that can easily accommodate A4 flat files.

Inner Fabric & Timetable
The interior fabric has a candy pattern.
The original timetable is in a sweet melty chocolate design.

■ Artificial Leather
By using artificial leather, 
the school bag is lightweight at about 1,250 grams and resistant to rain and dirt,
that are easy to maintain!

6-year Warranty for Peace of Mind
In the case of a malfunction that occurs naturally due to deterioration, it can be repaired free of charge, so you can use it cleanly for a long time.
※The round-trip shipping fee will be borne by the guest.

【 Attachments 】
①Original Name Holder
You can write down your name and blood type in the Name Holder made in the same fabric as the randsel.
※Name Holder matching the color of the randsel will be attached.

②Rain Cover
Q-pot. original rain cover.
Because it is in water repellent finish, it protects the randsel from rain and snow.

③Multi-way Pouch
Q-pot. original B5 size Multi-way Pouch!
A zipper-style that is convenient for opening and closing.
You can put contact book inside or use as an accessory case.

④Fancy Box
Delivered in Q-pot. original chocolate box that makes children smile unintentionally.
※For international shop, "Noshi" will not be attached. If you need, please feel free to contact us.
We do not accept gift wrapping other than Noshi.

⑤Instruction manual, etc.
Randsel instruction manual and certificate will be attached.
Please keep it in a safe place.

⑥United Nations WFP Document

We will deliver related document for the red cup campaign that you cooperated with.
Please read it with your children about the friends in the world.

Additional Information

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