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Cheese Melt Ring
Cheese Melt Ring
Cheese Melt Ring
Cheese Melt Ring

Cheese Melt Ring

  • SKU: 0010027L

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Shipping Yamato Option
【Optional Service : Yamato International Shipping】

EMS post service has been temporarily suspended in several countries including USA and Canada.

So, if you prefer to receive faster, please cart in this option.
We will arrange shipping by Yamato automatically.
(Yamato shipping service is Japanese No.1 safety delivery company's oversea shipping service!)

Please check [ Temporarily Suspended Countries List ] before cart in this option.
[ Temporarily Suspended Countries List ]

*Optional Service means total shipping cost = EMS original cost + Yamato optional cost.
Mouse loves cheese♡ Q-pot. love cheese too♡♡
Just put the happy yellow color ring on your peace sign 🙂
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