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  • 【PRE-ORDER】Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace 
【PRE-ORDER】Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace 
【PRE-ORDER】Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace 
【PRE-ORDER】Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace 
【PRE-ORDER】Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace 
【PRE-ORDER】Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace 
【PRE-ORDER】Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace 

【PRE-ORDER】Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace 

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現在時刻:2021-05-10 07:03
開始時刻:2021-02-23 12:00
終了時刻:2021-03-07 23:59
This item is no longer available.
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According to COVID-19 pandemic,
EMS is suspended in several countries including USA and Australia.
If you prefer to receive faster, please cart in this option.
We will arrange shipping by Yamato automatically.

*"Yamato International Shipping" is Japanese No.1 safety delivery service.
*Total shipping cost = EMS original cost + Yamato optional cost.
*Sorry! But NOT available to choose for Canada, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina.

Well baked to a perfect brown, and with a piece of chocolate holding, NOBUPOO is so pleased.
The NOBUPOO cookie is so real that feels like do have a sweet smell.
The cute face painted by a chocolate pen will heal your mind.♡

”I want to go out with you anytime and anywhere, poo!”



Pre-Order: Until March 7th, 23:59 2021  (JP time)  

Delivery: the middle of June 2021 in order

There is a possibility those plans and images will change.  

※When you purchase this pre-order item AND with other item that is NOT pre-order item, we ship in same package when we ready to ship the pre-order item. 

So if you prefer to receive NOT pre-order item in soon, please purchase in shopping separately. Thank you for your kind understanding.


“Q-pot.×Nobuhiko Okamoto”
For guests who purchase collaboration accessary,
we got video from Nobuhiko Okamoto as a present for you!★
Don’t miss the special chance!

The ways of viewing the video-
When you pre-order from Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP, we will send you the link in e-mail.

The Novelty will de send only when ”Bisquinu/NOBUPOO Necklace and Bag Charm” is purchased.
Please do not resale or re-post the link on net.
Please do not upload the video to any SNS site.

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