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  • 【Omotesando Limited】Amber Sugar Ring
【Omotesando Limited】Amber Sugar Ring
【Omotesando Limited】Amber Sugar Ring
【Omotesando Limited】Amber Sugar Ring
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【Omotesando Limited】Amber Sugar Ring

  • SKU: 2019058

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Q-pot. Omotesando Flagship Shop Limited Items will be available on INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP.

The place where Q-pot. come from… “Q-pot. Omotesando Flagship Shop” Do not miss the limited items inspired by “MILK NEW LABO” & “Q-pot. MUSEUM”.

-Q-pot. MUSEUM- Mysterious place where people searched Q-pot. history before. You can see the historic items like the fossil and books used on Q-pot. century!?

<Amber Sugar> Amber sugar inspired by the fossil. Twinkling like precious stones.

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