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  • Cloth Mask (Honey Lemon)
Cloth Mask (Honey Lemon)
Cloth Mask (Honey Lemon)
Cloth Mask (Honey Lemon)
Cloth Mask (Honey Lemon)
Cloth Mask (Honey Lemon)

Cloth Mask (Honey Lemon)

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  • SKU: 9100107WHT

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Q-pot. original cloth mask debuts from Q-pot. dress Collection!

"Honey Lemon" is refreshing taste like sunny days sunshine.

Washable cotton double gauze is used on the back part.

We hope you enjoy our masks with your coordinate, and make you feel happy and positive like our accessory.  


※Mask is not scientifically proved item, we ask your understanding.

※All items are handmade each one so that these might be different slightly in production processing in comparing with image photos.

Following the reason above, we cannot accept request any change / return. Please kindly understand that.  


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