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Melty Chocolate Watch (Gold)
Melty Chocolate Watch (Gold)
Melty Chocolate Watch (Gold)

Melty Chocolate Watch (Gold)

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*Sorry! But NOT available to choose for Canada, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina.

Just because you are a responsible adult, doesn’t mean you have to be square and rigid. Take this luxurious and fun Melty Chocolate Watch in brown color.

The watch’s band is designed as pieces from a chocolate bar, while the bezel of the watch is just melting to show your inner hotness. Even when you are a hot mess, this sweet watch’s stylish design is just enough to pass you as a grown-up effortlessly. Reward yourself or gift it to someone who deserves it.


Watch made by SEIKO
Made in Japan
Water Resistant 3 ATM
Watch band is adjustable at watch repairs.



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