Get in the mood for Halloween
with dark and sweet outfit by Q-pot.

2023 Halloween New Collection
Blackout or Blood Out

“Master, which cake would you like, Black or Red?” Strange Blackout Cake & Blood Out Cake baked by the maid ghost. Slightly twisted love of the maid ghost and poison beneath the gothic look of the cake.

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2023 Halloween New Collection
Black Rose

Black rose implies death, hatred but also endless love. Fully gothic mood collection for classical style.

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Trick Ghost

Unique foodie ghosts with chocolate, tooth, hearts...etc. in the belly are here!
Find and customize your favorites from colorful and unique charms!

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The House

Mirror, chair, standing lamp, vase and teddy bear. Flocky processing applied to familiar items in the room.
Please enjoy the odd feeling that is different from the original appearance.

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Mad Sweets

Sister rose series with "eyes" and "roses" as the symble of "life" and "death"; 
Rebone series with the words play of "Bone (born)" and "Ribbon (Reborn)";
Ghost in a sister's outfit with red rose in the belly...
A Halloween collection with the theme of "Mad Sweets".

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Devil Night

Spooky glowing eyes and fangs on a moonlit night. Sweet things always come with traps.
Tonight's dinner party will be held under the moon light.

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QQ Hospital

Patients who are transported to Q-pot.'s emergency QQ hospital will be given treatment by the nurse ghost. The dubious tablets and capsules are said to be effective for "Love", "Dream", and "Hope"... 

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Death Parade

Tonight, they who were dead will back. Turning on the music, it is time to start the parade. Let’s meet them with many sweets.

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This is a slightly surreal and comical story about a bride who was killed on the eve of her wedding but still trying to hold a ceremony in the afterlife.
Let's stay together even we became bones...

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Shadow Sweets

When there is light, there is shadow…. Introducing the Shadow Series, sweets in monochromatic expression. This is a seductively stylish, dark and sophisticated side of the sweet and vibrant world of Q-pot.

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Poppy X Q-pot.

A work with Poppy, who is a popular singer and also Grammy nominated artist.
This collection creating a Poppy Medical text, a dark surreal, and “kawaii” theme runs across the collection.

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Halloween Sweets

How can you forget sweets for the happy and excited season?
Wearable sweets jewelry that you can only find in Q-pot.

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