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    Q-pot. is the first sweets jewelry brand in Japan.
    We create jewelries that are unique and sharing smiles.
    All items are designed and hand crafted in Japan.

Water bubbles that flickers and disappear for a short time.
A new collection that is ephemeral and silence like the water bubbles.

One of the best color combination for the early summer!
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Shoes with a new sensation for walking towards the world.
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Captain Burger is back from a long journey over the ocean!
Let's hear about wild tales of his journey!

Q-pot. - The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Q-pot. Always unique, Always original

Jewelry that connects and uplifts. Designed and Made in Japan for the rest of the world.

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Designer's Brand.

All the items are designed by designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu. He continues in creating visual arts, advertisements and collaboration with fashion brands/artists as a pioneer of cultural movement of sweets accessories.

Arty Jewelry - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Art and Fashion

Each item is a wearable piece of art, that is thoughtfully designed and is part of Japan fashion.

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Genderless Jewelry - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Jewelry For Everyone

Inclusive jewelry that is for everyone. Loved by artists and creative people all over the world.

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Made in Japan - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Made in Japan

High Quality Manufacturing - Jewelry that will last a lifetime. Each piece is hand made by an artisan to ensure that each piece made to the highest quality standard.

Q-pot. Flagship Shop

Located in Omotesando, Tokyo - Showcasing our Jewelry as well as limited displays for our collections.

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Q-pot CAFE. - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

Q-pot CAFE.
-Where jewelry becomes sweets-

Q-pot CAFE. is a place to experience the jewelry – a place where our pastry chefs craft unique and creative sweets. Q-pot CAFE. is a place where people can escape reality and melt into our world.

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Donation - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.

-Share the happiness to the world.-

Q-pot. has always donated part of its profits and organized programs to support organizations around the world.

Collaboration - Q-pot. The first sweets Japan Jewelry brand.


Aside from designing jewelry, Q-pot. also designs products, sets, and has collaborated with many artists. Q-pot. has been active in helping to bridge Japanese Anime, and characters to the rest of the world – creating themed jewelry collections with some of the best known character franchises from Japan.

Let us be a part of your sweet life.
Q-pot. Wedding

Handmade each by Japanese craftsmen, enjoy the sweetest moment only once in life...♡